Allotment Sites N-Z

Stockport Allotment Sites N-Z

If you wish to cultivate an allotment plot, contact a site near you and get your name on the waiting list. Put your name down at as many sites as you wish – some have a longer waiting list than others. Make follow up calls to see where you are on the list. We advise you to visit the site to look round and show you are keen!
If you need help, email

Nelstrop Road
Heaton Chapel
Contact Trevor Jewsbury 07930 670 200/0161 432-4333

Newboult Road
Contact  us at

Norbury Church
Hazel Grove
Contact Tony Bryant on 07913278532 or email,

Pleasant View
Contact Greenspace Team 0161 217 6111
Very small site


Laurel End Lane, Heaton Mersey
Contact Fay Bravey 0161 442 9087 or

Reddish Vale
Reddish Vale Road
Contact Harry Renshaw 0161 292 3702

Contact David Percy 0161 430 5803 or

Rose Hill / Seven Stiles

St Ann’s Road North Allotment Association
Heald Green

Spring on St Lesmo Allotments 12-04-2014 11.49.58 - Version 2St Lesmo Road Allotment Association

Torkington Road 

Mrs Val Clarke  07778053061

Hazel Grove

Webb Lane
Contact Mike Rodgers 07930189396 or

Welkin Road Allotment Association
Lower Bredbury

Whitehill Allotment Society
South Reddish

Woodbank Park Allotments

Contact Ruth Lomax

Bradden Road, Woodley
Contact Loraine Preston 0161 285 5971

5 Responses to Allotment Sites N-Z

  1. David Hines says:

    Thanks Ian. I have spoken to a lady this afternoon, but with no joy . She said I would be contacted in due course. I’ll email the Greenspace team later. Thanks again.

  2. David Hines says:

    Thank you for repeating that message to Stuart. It does help a little . I’m hoping to find somewhere nearer home. I will try to contact the Greenspaces team again. I do have a week off work in August. Perhaps I’ll have to sit by the phone all week until someone answers. Thankx again.

  3. Webmaster says:

    Stuart,as you say, not many allow pigeons, the best option is a site that has poultry,Brinnington Rise or Offerton Hall,I know there are no vacancies at Brinnington Offerton Hall is managed by SMBC at the moment so you would need to contact the Greenspaces team directly.

  4. Stuart plant says:

    looking to relocate my pigeons to lower bredbury .as i understand it. not all allotments allow pigeons. on there sites. .which sites allow our. feathered friends nearest to bredbury?

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