Harrogate Road

Harrogate Road Allotments is a well-organised site in North Reddish, Stockport SK5 6EY
We hold a Vegetable & Flower Show every year. See poster for 2016.
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The shop sells pretty much anything you could want for an allotment. Anyone can become an associate member for £1 per year and use the shop as often as they want. 
The allotments from Harrogate Rd

The allotments from Harrogate Rd

Contact Barry Knowles on 0161 355-2115 to put your name on our waiting list
January 2016 – We are now selling Potatoes, Onions and shallots. They are available in the site shop on Sunday’s between 10 and 12.Varieties of potatoes which are sold in 1Kg are;-First Early – Arran Pilot
Second Early – Kestrel and charlotteMain Crop – Valor, Desiree and Sarpo Mira

UnknownMarch 2016 – We are selling Paraffin at £5.87 for 5ltr

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Spring 2009 Click for full article

Spring 2009
Click for full article

7 Responses to Harrogate Road

  1. Jose says:

    I’m one of the residents who lives next to the allotments on Harrogate Road. I hate to complain but could I request that noisy power tools are not used on the allotments for long periods of time on a Sunday? My family is trying to enjoy our garden on our only day off but somebody has been using a petrol fuelled power tool of some sort for the last 2 hours and it’s making an awful noise to the point where everybody has gone back inside. I appreciate there is work to be done on the site but could this be done in a more considerate way with regards to residents living next to the allotments?
    Thank you.
    Regards Jose

    • Webmaster says:

      Hi, I have passed your concerns to the committee. Please note most plot holders have full time jobs and weekends may be the only time they get to work on their plot.

      • Jose says:

        Thanks for your reply. I understand what you are saying. We also work full time jobs and the weekend is the only we have got to relax in our garden.
        We appreciate that people do normal jobs on their plots over the weekends, however, a very noisy petrol engine running consistently for over 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon is not respectful to people living next the allotments.
        I hope a compromise can be reached.

  2. Olivia says:

    Hi there,

    How do you sign up to put your name on the list for an allotment?

    Thank you

  3. Neil says:

    Hello, I live next to these allotments and somebody keeps bringing a dog onto the site and leaving it tied up and all it does is bark all day long. It is there now barking loudly. I have nothing against dogs and have 2 of my own but I work from home and my job involves speaking to people on the phone all day. This dog’s barking is becoming a problem. Please could you speak to the owner and have them do something about this as it’s causing an issue with my work. I also feel sorry for the dog as it’s clearly not having any fun being left in the allotments like that.

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