Harrogate Road

Harrogate Road Allotments is a well-organised site in North Reddish, Stockport SK5 6EY
We hold a Vegetable & Flower Show every year. See poster for 2016.
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The shop sells pretty much anything you could want for an allotment. Anyone can become an associate member for £1 per year and use the shop as often as they want. 
The allotments from Harrogate Rd

The allotments from Harrogate Rd

Contact Barry Knowles on 0161 355-2115 to put your name on our waiting list
January 2016 – We are now selling Potatoes, Onions and shallots. They are available in the site shop on Sunday’s between 10 and 12.Varieties of potatoes which are sold in 1Kg are;-First Early – Arran Pilot
Second Early – Kestrel and charlotteMain Crop – Valor, Desiree and Sarpo Mira

UnknownMarch 2016 – We are selling Paraffin at £5.87 for 5ltr

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 21.14.00
Spring 2009 Click for full article

Spring 2009
Click for full article

4 Responses to Harrogate Road

  1. Olivia says:

    Hi there,

    How do you sign up to put your name on the list for an allotment?

    Thank you

  2. Neil says:

    Hello, I live next to these allotments and somebody keeps bringing a dog onto the site and leaving it tied up and all it does is bark all day long. It is there now barking loudly. I have nothing against dogs and have 2 of my own but I work from home and my job involves speaking to people on the phone all day. This dog’s barking is becoming a problem. Please could you speak to the owner and have them do something about this as it’s causing an issue with my work. I also feel sorry for the dog as it’s clearly not having any fun being left in the allotments like that.

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