Woodley Allotments are on Bradden Road, Woodley
Woodley Allotments has raised beds for members’ children and grandchildren, and give an annual prize for the best kept raised bed.

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Contact Mrs Loraine Preston on 0161 285 5971 to add your name to their waiting list.                          http://woodleyallotments.org


Click for full document

Click for full document

Above is the Health and Safety Policy top level document drawn up by Woodley Allotment Association committee to demonstrate how they manage their responsibilities and communicate safety issues to their members.

It is based on the five section risk assessment as follows:-

1. What are the hazards: the committee will have to identify the hazards on the allotment site.
2. Who might be harmed and how; this is normal the plot holders, visitors, children and companies making deliveries
3. What is the Associations Committee Doing; this may be work, inspections or transferring the responsibility to the plot holder.
4. Do you need to anything else to mitigate/manage the risk: in this section you identify the issues that the plot holders must take note off.
5. Action by whom; this is when you define who must complete the action; it may be the committee or the plot holder.

Click for printable version

Click for printable version

Click for full details

Click for full details

Above is The Complete Safety and Risk Management (CSRM) system – This is operated by a risk rating, assessing the risk by a scoring matrix. The main headings are:-

1. Hazard Identification
2. Likelihood of Injury
3. Severity of Injury
4. Risk Rating

Roy Preston says “Both systems are good and you can use any one you wish. The CSRM system is used a lot by business and the five sections by organisations like allotments. The key is to identify the risks, who is at risk and may be harmed and the actions required to reduce or manage the risk.”

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  1. Janis pavey says:

    Is there a waiting list for an allotment and what is the cost please

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