Model Policies


XXX Allotment Association is run by the membership, steered by a committee of volunteer members, all wishing to help progress the allotment in a positive and friendly manner.

We wish to make our allotment a welcoming environment for all, by respecting and valuing each other and appreciating each other’s positive contribution.

We are committed to providing a supportive and equitable environment for all of our members and visitors.

Our Association expects all of our participants to treat each other with equality and fairness. Discrimination on any grounds including (but not limited to) race, religion, beliefs, age, gender, sexuality or ability is unacceptable.

Our Association recognises that allotment gardening is an excellent way for people to keep fit and active, both physically and mentally, for everyone – regardless of ability. Where it is possible and practical, we aim to make provisions for older gardeners and individuals who consider themselves disabled.

We recognise that it can be difficult for some individuals to pursue allotment gardening using conventional plots, and we are open to suggestions of how we may widen opportunities for participation by those individuals.

Our Association seeks to reflect the vitality of our local community. We aim to value all individuals – each with our own diverse backgrounds, needs, opinions, cultures, lifestyles and circumstances.

To this effect, we will not accept any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation or intimidation by/ from any of the Association’s participants.

Any person who feels they have received unfair treatment should report the matter to the Management Committee.

Our Association aims to be ‘good neighbours’ and endeavours to be co-operative and respectful in all our links to the wider community.

We aim to form partnerships with local organisations/agencies in order to benefit our immediate neighbours and the surrounding community.

Members are welcome to bring children onto our site under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times.

Allotments can be exciting and educational places but they can also present all kinds of hazards to youngsters. For this reason, responsible adults must be extra vigilant at all times when accompanied by children.

We believe that XXX Allotment Association has an important role to play in promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles within the local community. Access to healthy food produced locally using environmentally friendly methods can be beneficial to the health of individuals, the community and the environment.

The Association, as part of the Allotment Movement, is improving the quality of life and the local environment.

In order to minimise our impact upon the local environment, the Association promotes the following:
Reusing & recycling waste; composting & leaf mould production; encouraging and exploring new ways to reduce waste.
Encouraging efficient use of water by storing water in tanks or water butts; and non-wasteful use of tap water.
Support for self-help projects aimed at upgrading the site and, where possible, bringing vacant and overgrown areas back into sustainable use.

Complaints Procedure
Should you wish to make a complaint, please direct your complaint to the Management Committee. The Committee will then investigate the matter and take action within their powers, as they see fit; or refer the matter to the appropriate authority.

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