Applications invited now – November 2015

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Deadline for applications 25th September 2015

Equity Foundation: The deadline for our next round of grants is 25th September!

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Ongoing Grants

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Awards for All England

A quick and easy way to get small Lottery grants of between £300 and £10,000






The FM Awards provides the opportunity for your community group or project to get your hands on £1,000 to help your group to continue to benefit the wider community.

The new awards programme is about hearing about all the good stuff that’s happening in your neighbourhood and how you and your group connects with and improves the local community. The application process is designed to be quick and simple.

We’re not asking for statistics and we don’t want to hear how deprived or disadvantaged the beneficiaries are, nor do we want to know specific details of how you are going to spend the money. Great things happen in and around Greater Manchester on a daily basis and we want to shout about it!

£1,000 awards available across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester.

For more information about how to apply please call 0161 214 0940 and speak to a member of our Awards Team.

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Equity Foundation offers three funding streams:

Equity Foundation offers three funding streams:

Equity Green Shoots Fund up to £2,500 – for projects with a clear focus on supporting people in to work and promoting financial inclusion.

Equity Healthy Communities Fund up to£2,500 – grants to support projects and groups whose primary aim is to improve or promote healthy living.

Equity Sponsorship Fund up to £500- available for community events and activities where there is a clear benefit to local communities or charity.


Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund make grants of £3,000 maximum to support neighbourhood and community projects in a 10-mile radius of the Airport, concentrating on the areas most exposed to aircraft noise. Each year Manchester Airports Group contributes £100,000 to the Fund; any fines levied at aircraft that have breached our stringent noise limits are also paid in to the Fund.

These supermarkets have given small grants to Stockport allotments
You can raise £100’s in collection buckets on Saturdays at supermarkets, by packing customer’s bags.  Have a project you are collecting for.  Make clear signs for collection buckets, using a chosen few words. Customers are more likely to give to projects for children and people with a disability. Bag packing with children usually means that customers give more money, and children really enjoy doing it too!

Deadlines passed

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Community First funding available from 1st September 2014. OPEN EVENT: TUESDAY 9TH SEPTEMBER FROM 6PM-8PM AT ADSWOOD COMMUNITY CENTRE.

Applications open until 31st September – Do you have a group that needs funding in the Davenport & Cale Green ward area? Feel free to apply – projects MUST be started/completed by March 2015. Grants for up to £1,250 available – go to for application form and more info

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Community First is an £80million government-funded initiative that will run for four years, until March 2015. The programme will help communities come together to identify their strengths and local priorities in order to plan for their future and become more resilient. See more at:

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