High Lane Allotment Association

High Lane Allotment Association
Contact  http://www.highlaneallotments.co.uk  to put your name on our waiting list.

We are a self managing allotment site using land leased from Stockport Council. We have 40 members working 35 plots. We have an annual Open Day. Our purpose is to promote the use of allotments, to provide leisure and recreational gardening opportunities for local residents and, through its community networks, aims to enhance the diversity of interests in the local neighbourhood.


High Lane Open Day July 2014 Click for full article

High Lane Open Day
July 2014
Click for full article


High Lane Allotment Association new site extension was officially opened on 25th July 2011 by Andrew Stunnell MP OBE, in the presence of The Mayor of Stockport, Councillor Hazel Lees and many proud plotholders and guests. The Mayor spoke of the great benefit to both physical and emotional well-being to be gained from allotment gardening which happily can now be experienced by more of Stockport’s residents, the extension having almost doubled the size of the allotment site.

Due to increasing demand for allotments from the residents, the Council proposed to use an area of rough trees and undergrowth next to the allotments that was a source of concern to local people because it provided cover for anti-social activities. Work began on the extension in 2009 thanks to funding from Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council and the hard work and dedication of members of High Lane Allotment Association. The funding was used to remove the trees, undergrowth and accumulated debris and to fence the area. The rest of the work was done by the plotholders with the Council supplying the materials only.

After a major effort to remove the rubbish and disperse the mountain of top soil, the plots were marked out. The plot layout is ingenious, making use of every bit of space, even if it meant making the plots small and oddly shaped. Calculating the square yardage has not been easy! The work continued with laying the reinforced grass track, putting in the water supply and drainage, planting the hedging and laying the turf. Then the new plotholders eagerly started digging over, planting and cultivating their plots. Within two months everything was blooming marvellous!

The open day celebrated all this hard work. All the visitors and guests were very impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of plotholders old and new who have created such a beautiful allotment site in such a short space of time. It was clear to all that a close working relationship between the Association and the Council was essential to the success of the project and that this partnership has created a strong sense of community spirit.

First published: ARI Newsletter, Winter 2011

New Applicant's Form

New Applicant’s Form

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1 Response to High Lane Allotment Association

  1. Mike Morton says:

    Having seen this old information regarding High lane Allotments Association, I am a little put out that Stockport Allotments have not taken the trouble to find & update the current website.
    Not only is the information on your site misleading, the contacts you have there have left the allotment over a year ago. Also, one of the contacts is in ill health & would not welcome any enquiries.
    On behalf of High Lane Allotments Association
    Mike Morton Membership Secretary

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