Craig Road Allotment Society

Craig Road Allotment Society Heaton Mersey

With 13 plots, we are one of the smaller allotment sites owned by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. The allotments are located at the East end of Craig Road, Heaton Mersey, adjacent to the playing fields.


Craig Road Allotments

Craig Road Allotments

Half plots available at Craig Rd Allotments – 16th January 2015

To go onto our waiting list, contact

8 Responses to Craig Road Allotment Society

  1. Judith says:

    Hello Ian

    I’ve tried to ring Neville on this number to ask if anyone on this allotment is finding things growing too fast and would like a spare pair of hands to help but I get the message “The number you have dialled has not been recognised” so I assume that he’s moved/changed his number. Do you have an alternative please?

    Thanks, Judith

  2. marilyn stokes says:

    Hi, I have an allotment on Brinnington gardens but unfortunately I am bogged down with Mares Tail and I am having to give it up as I cant grow very well on there. I live here on Russell Gardens, and I just wondered if I could go on your waiting list.

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