Barnfield Road East Allotment Association

Barnfield Road East Allotments, Barnfield Road East, (off Bramhall Lane), Davenport, Stockport SK3 8TT

To put your name on our waiting list, please contact


We are a large lively site in Davenport. We have an Open Day/Plant Sale every year at the end of May and a Weigh the Pumpkin competition in October.
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GM Spatial Framework
I have an update regarding the development plans and it is good news. I had a meeting today with the Chief Planning Officer for Stockport, a representative from Greater Manchester Spatial Framework Working Group and Wendy Wild our local councillor. Denise the councillor from Edgeley was also present. It turns out that the information used to select Barnfield Rd Allotments for development was based on an assessment done in 2008 and that if the group had been aware that the site had been extended in 2010 and was in use as allotments then it wouldn’t have been included.
I have been given assurances today that Barnfield Road Allotments will not be built on and that we will be removed from the list of potential sites as part of the ongoing review. I will receive written confirmation over the next day or so and will forward that on to you. This decision would have been made anyway over the next few months.  However, it came to light earlier because of all the feedback the working group received about our site. So a big thank you to everybody who took the time to leave comments, contact their councillors and generally leave feedback. Stockport Council will continue to consult with you all over the next few months so please continue to give them your feedback.
A big thank you to Debbie for all your hard work in sorting this and also to Allotments Stockport for bringing this to our attention.
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Our next plant sale will take place on Saturday the 28th May 2016
Ready for the onslaught!

Ready for the onslaught!

Contact the Plot Secretary if you are interested in a plot.
Screenshot 2014-02-27 21.16.27BHistory of Barnfield Rd East allotments to 1930

©Fran Cox (Plot 45a) 2013

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  1. Patricia Geraci says:

    Can you please tell me how long the waiting list is for a plot please. I have a plot but a friend of mine would like a plot. Pat Geraci plot 2a.

  2. Deandre says:

    post I ran across that &#2cg0;2au8ht my eye” can be found at It’s the start of 2008. Will It Be Another Year Of Frustration For You? . This post will help remind us all of the many negative things we were told from our friends,

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