Webb Lane

Webb Lane Allotments are in Offerton – a quiet site next to the bowling green in Central Stockport. We’ve got a cosy meeting room/brew room/shelter.

We’ve also got an accessible plot with raised beds – with it’s own access entrance. 


Contact Mike Rodgers on 07930189396 to put your name down for a plot at our site.
Email: rodgers50@hotmail.co.uk
(Also available on the allotments Monday, Friday and Saturday between 10am-1pm)

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 18.28.35

5 Responses to Webb Lane

  1. ian bratt says:

    Re visit yesterday about availability of allotments also can contact Gary Pickford at gaznsalp@hotmail.com by the way I’m the 1 with the hair:-)!.

  2. john hynd says:

    dose nobody supervise this site allotment Stockport as I have tried to contact the moderator’s of this site to have the webb lane page rectified as the email address for harry barratt is no longer current the contact email address should read as follows johnhynd.sr@hotmail.com please change it some one

  3. Michael harris says:

    Hi John it’s Mike Harris I have been on the list a long time any plots yes thanks

  4. Wendy Gerrard says:

    Hi. My name is Wendy Gerrard and I would like an allotment. Please can you let me know what I need to do to be considered.

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