Hazel Grove Allotment Association

Hazel Grove Allotments is a green oasis on Chester Road at the heart of Hazel Grove. The site has over 80 plots and is managed by a committee comprised of a Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and Security & Purchasing Officers.unnamedThe site provides plots of various sizes to suit people with different abilities and time constraints. It also has three community plots; one gardened by Independent Options, another by the Ladybird Nursery and a third, which consists of raised beds and trugs, provided to enable people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters to garden whilst seated, is used by members of Primus, part of Disability Stockport which supports people with a physical or sensory disability. Plot holders help the Nursery by accompanying the staff and children when they visit the site.The Association has its own website, which is linked to both Stockport Council and Allotments Stockport websites. It is also on the community social networking site ‘Streetlife’, which provides another route to network with local people.The Association is supported by plot holders who give their time to assist in site maintenance and the now well established Open Day. This event is held on the first Sunday in September and is so popular with the local community that people often queue outside, waiting for the gates to open. The event always includes family friendly activities. In addition, the many stalls offer, for example, homemade jams and chutneys made from allotment produce, delicious homemade cakes and savories, and a regular favourite, the opportunity to ‘Meet the Expert’ . This stall is run by an expert gardener who provides information and advice. And of course, there is the opportunity simply to wander round the plots to see what everyone is growing.To put your name on our waiting list, please contact secdutieshg@outlook.com

Hazel Grove Allotments Open Day Photos – September 2015
hgaa-open-day-2015-16 hgaa-open-day-2015-20hgaa-open-day-2015-116 hgaa-open-day-2015-52 hgaa-open-day-2015-50 hgaa-open-day-2015-48 hgaa-open-day-2015-43
hgaa-open-day-2015-37 hgaa-open-day-2015-35

John Northwood (Chairman) Plot 37

Catherine Green (Deputy Chair) Plot 28A

Ann Luckock  Plot 2B 

Raymond Scott (Treasurer) Plot 19BA

Steve Morrell (Purchasing Officer) Plot 2A

Brian Bramwell (Maintenance & Locks) Plot 31A

David Austin (Security) Plot 20CA/20D

Joyce Davy (Trustee) Plot 7B

Philip Short (Trustee) Plot 24B

John Murray (Trustee) Plot 6B

Luis Troyano (Beekeeper) Plot 6B

Hazel Grove Allotments Association 2015 AGM is on 26th November at 7.30pm in the Function Room at the Reform Club in Napier Street, Hazel Grove.  All Associate Members and those on the waiting list are very welcome to attend the AGM. However, only plotholders have the right to vote.
HGAA Open Day on Sunday 6th September 2015
Click for printable poster

Click for printable poster

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 21.59.59Hazel Grove Allotments use the Squires Combination locks, which does away with the need for keys. They are all-weather locks and guaranteed for 10 years, and the combination is easily changed (we change the combination at least once a year; though not a problem we’ve had, if any site has problems with a plotholder necessitating their eviction, the combination can be changed to prevent them gaining access). It worked out cheaper to buy the number + 1 spare we needed than buying new padlocks and the necessary number of keys for everyone.

 Hazel Grove Allotments Open Dy 2014 7 September, 2014 William met with allotment holders, and even met with Great British Bake Off 2014 contestant, Luis Troyano who has his own plot here.

Hazel Grove Allotments Open Day 2014
7 September, 2014
William met with allotment holders, and even met with Great British Bake Off 2014 contestant, Luis Troyano who has his own plot here.

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Click for full article

11 June 2014 Click for full article

11 June 2014
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Hazel Grove Allotment Open Day 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 20.36.53
Click for access to website

Click for access to website

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Click for whole article

7 Responses to Hazel Grove Allotment Association

  1. Gemma Keenan says:

    Hello I am looking for a plot is there any available please

  2. Andrew routledge says:

    How do I get on the waiting list for a allotment hope to hear back thanks

  3. Webmaster says:

    Hi, Patricia, For further details, please contact the secretary at secdutieshg@outlook.com giving your name, address and phone number, and they will get back to you. Ian

  4. Patricia says:

    My Daughter sent me a message to say there are plots available on the allotment
    Could I please be considered
    Woukd you kindly send me details of cost rules etc
    Many thanks

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