Roundup Glyphosate rated ‘toxic’

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Roundup Glysophate rated toxic

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  1. Chris & Wes says:

    I read somewhere that glyphosate effects the reproductive organs of mammals in very small doses (humans are mammals), now if that wasn’t a warning then nothing else could be.
    I also have seen first hand visual evidence that contrary to popular opinion, showed this weedkiller actually persists where it is sprayed and doesn’t actually get washed out even by rainy winters and that is beside the scientifically uncheckable gobbldeegook written on bottles for the gullible (that must only serve as a reassurance of its safety), I remember talking to an elderly nurseryman before he passed away last year, he was telling me how back then DDT was promoted as so safe “you could bath in it” by the reps pitching it as the next generation wonder spray….it was banned eventually but not until it was first able to do its damage and be shown beyond any doubt that it was a huge risk…….and here we are again, reassurances of safety, evidence of a risk and the generational de-ja-vous of a warning that wasn’t heeded first time around. Its very frustrating to see that a new bottle and chemical name is enough to gain the faith of millions of users, which it must be said includes the third world growers that can use it beyond our reccommended levels, growers that furnish this country with out of season veg. Food for thought.

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