Are your green spaces safe?

The Greater Manchester’s Spatial Framework has been put together by the 10 local authorities in Greater Manchester, including Stockport, to plan for housing and business development. They have identified land they plan to build on and the plan is now open for consultation. This consultation runs from 9 November to 11 January 2016.
You can view the consultation documents at:
Fred Perry House, 1 Edward Street, Stockport (Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5pm) and Stockport’s local libraries.
or follow this link
– click on “Call for sites . . .”
– click on “sites map”
– confirm you accept the terms
– click “View the map”
– click “future housing land supply” then “2014-2035” to see all
– click the zoom with the +, and drag to the area you want to look at. Make a square around the area.
– click on any shaded areas to see the plan for that area
– click on the box to send your comment, with your name & contact details.

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