SMBC are reviewing their Local Plan, which is now available for consultation and comment from the Public.

Details of the Plan can be found on Stockport’s website under

Allotments are specifically mentioned in section 4 “Health, Culture & Communities” paras 4.16 & 4.17.

The council concede there is an insufficient supply of allotments in Stockport, but suggest that new provision can be made by either splitting existing plots or providing new sites.

The former solution has, on many sites, already run its course and extra provision of plots by reducing the standard size of plots is no longer an option – it needs to be made clear to the Council that this is not a solution for the future.

The latter solution was identified during the recent study of allotments by KKP and is supported by the NAS who have devised a formula for the area of land to be set aside for allotments proportionate to the number of new dwellings being built.

KKP’s report can be found appended to the Community & Housing Scrutiny’s minutes :



This document provides the background evidence to the Local Plan and can be found on the above site. Members are recommended to read this document if they have not already done so.

We must underline the need for that required provision of extra allotment land to be met in future planning policy and, if possible, get NAS to comment on the Stockport Local Plan to that effect.

Additionally, individual sites need to be on the ”look out” for any “calls for sites” which suggest that their sites are being earmarked for development, or for any other developments nearby that might impinge upon them.

We also need to look out for neighbouring medium/ large scale housing developments that warrant a further provision of allotment land in their area commensurate with the number of dwellings being proposed.


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