The use of snares to control pests on allotments

The use of snares on allotments

Allotments Stockport and SMBC have been made aware that snares are being used to catch foxes and other animals on allotment sites.

The following statement is from Peter Cooke, SMBC

Snares are indiscriminate in what they catch, and animals caught in snares can take hours to die (e.g. If it is just a limb that is caught, they will often chew their own limb off in an effort to escape).

Cats, dogs & badgers could also find themselves caught in snares and this would then be a criminal offence and a Police matter with a probable prosecution.

If a fox or other animal is caught and has not died what then?

Are they shot with a shotgun (discharging a firearm in a public place is a criminal offence) or beaten to death with a spade or similar (also a criminal offence)?

Whilst the snaring of foxes is legal with approved snares, this would not be sanctioned on any SMBC land.

I wish to be absolutely clear that the use of snares on allotments is not permitted and we would be bound to investigate and take action against any person found to be using them.

I would be grateful if you could share this message with your local associations and members as a matter of urgency.

I would also be grateful if you could inform the site that is apparently using snares to desist immediately, and that action will be taken if this practice continues.

Ian Gardiner


Allotments Stockport

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