Beware Storm Eunice could worsen bird flu spread! We’ve been experiencing some wet and windy weather this week in the UK and there is worse to come with Storm Eunice arriving on Friday.

Flood water can spread bird flu if it leaks into poultry houses, so it’s vital that you check your birds’ housing for holes that could let water in and do all you can to block them up.

Ensure tarpaulin is well secured to prevent it from blowing away in the strong winds.

Check poultry house roofs and strengthen any weak areas.

Turbulent weather churns up silt underwater in previously infected ponds and reservoirs, where the virus has been shown to lie dormant for several weeks. As a result, wild waterfowl could become infected and spread the virus. Keep your birds indoors and away from wild birds.

Follow this link for more biosecurity advice: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/avian

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